At Revata Engineering, it is the utmost priority to ensure that all business activities are carried out in accordance with various international, local governmental and social regulations regarding environment protection and conservation.

We will act with respect and care for the environment as well as we will work to increase our energy efficiency so we can limit our use of fossil fuels and other raw materials.


Revata Engineering identifies the following areas of importance with regards to its Environment Protection policy:

• To constantly train our personnel in awareness of environmental protection and encourage participation in environmental matters

• That sub-suppliers and contractors have high quality environmental standards and procedures

• To follow the requirements of environmental law and approved codes of practice on the operation site

• To evaluate the environmental impact that ongoing an future operations will have

• Continuously to improve our environmental performance on energy efficiency so we can reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and raw materials


Revata Engineering follows a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple & Sweet) policy while communicating any message with regards to the HSE policy of the company in order to ensure that it is communicated to all concerned effectively in the least complicated manner enabling easy understanding and implementation.

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