Health And Safety

Revata Engineering’s health and safety policy has the highest priority and we will strive that none of our employees, customers or anyone else affected by our business activities, should be harmed during their work with Revata Engineering or from use of products manufactured by Revata Engineering.


In order to prevent Lost Time Incidents, Revata Engineering has identified following areas where we will focus and train our staff to achieve constant improvement:

• Comprehensive safety training of staff and personnel

• Consequent risk analysis of all relevant operations

• Constant focus on the reporting of incidents and near misses

• Focus and courage to intervene whenever spotting an unsafe behavior

• Encouragement and motivation to achieve an improving safety statistic

• Monitor and audit ongoing operations to assure conformance to safety systems


Revata Engineering follows a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple & Sweet) policy while communicating any message with regards to the HSE policy of the company in order to ensure that it is communicated to all concerned effectively in the least complicated manner enabling easy understanding and implementation.

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